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Moving to Charlottesville, Virginia?


The City of Charlottesville is the crown gem of central Virginia. Home to the University of Virginia, Mr. Jefferson’s academic village, Charlottesville also hosts many other attractions. Good theaters, good restaurants, improving shopping. The downtown walking mall is the social focal point of this community sporting restaurants, small shops, businesses, street entertainers, and the amphitheater that hosts nationally known musical performers. Fridays After Five is a remarkable street scene with thousands of people crowding the mall to enjoy mall-side restaurant seating, the free concert at the amphitheater, or just to see and be seen. In fact there are always a lot of people on the mall most times of the week.

There are many neighborhoods that make up the fabric that is the City of Charlottesville. Starr Hill, Fifeville, Belmont, the Woolen Mills, Hog Waller, Greenbrier, Rose Hill, Meadowbrook Hills, and more. If you are moving here you will want to explore all these locations, especially if you are planning to purchase a home.

A lot of history took place right here in the city, some of it celebrated, such as the ride of Jack Jouett, and some of it shameful, such as the place at Court Square where slaves were sold. In the coming weeks I plan to write brief stories about the neighborhoods, the history and events, the famous and infamous, and the contemporary every day life of this remarkable city.