1st Dominion Realty


Many lenders in our market area will not make a loan on a condominium unit.  Clients of mine recently did secure financing and at advantageous terms.  They are getting 90 percent loan to sales price financing:  an 80% of sales price  loan at 4% interest rate with a 15 year term; and a 10% of sales price loan at 5% interest rate with a 22 year term.  To say the least, they will quickly pay off the smaller loan.  The larger loan at 4% interest rate is a terrific product, and they will save a great deal of money by paying off that loan in 15 years. 

There are loan products out there  that can finance the purchase of a condominium, it just takes a little scratching around to find them.  And as you can see, the loan terms my clients are getting are very good indeed.