1st Dominion Realty

When an offer is made: 

The offer is more than just a price. There are a number of criteria, conditions, and warranties contained in the purchase contract plus what the purchaser may be adding. We need to go over all of that to make certain it all works for you. In a very real sense the offer is like a formula, and the so-called give & take of negotiating is balancing out the elements of the formula so that both parties can feel satisfied with the final result.

Some important considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Is the price being offered all cash or mostly financed, and is the purchaser asking for some contribution from you towards his/her financing?
  2. How much earnest money is the purchaser putting down?
  3. Does the closing date work for you?
  4. Does the purchaser have to sell his/her home or sublet a rental in order to purchase your home?
  5. Did they submit with their offer a loan qualifying letter from a reputable lender stating their ability to make the purchase?


There are many other considerations to keep in mind when reviewing a purchase offer on your home. Do so carefully. The final result is a ratified contract.


When an offer is made: