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The Circular Path

More than twenty years ago I saw a need for housing options for the Boomer Generation. I believe more than ever that many Boomers will need a viable affordable living arrangement that supports and enhances the lifestyle they desire. One such option will be a small scale condominium of 2 to 6 units. This could be a large house retrofitted for the purpose with each unit a nicely finished ‘home’. This house/condo would also have a common area to support ‘community’. Each resident would enjoy total privacy, and can also enjoy the company and support of other residents if so desiring. The residents can manage their own building, and the monthly condo fee can be small (unlike those big complexes). Going on vacation? Someone is home to bring in your mail. Need to relocate? You can sell your unit and benefit from your investment. Privacy, Community, Support, Affordability. Is this idea appealing to someone you know? Please have them contact me.